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Which Dandy opening them did you like better, and do you why it was changed or was it just because?



Can I say I really like both?

Hehe… Okay let’s start with the original US OP. The animation used in the US OP is pretty much ripped straight from the Viva Namida music video, however it’s paired with the song Cosmic Adventure which can be found on the Space Dandy OST. I really found it to be a charming opening sequence, with all of the animation fitting parts in the music, and it has the added advantage of being both short (only 30 seconds long) so you can get to the meat of the episode faster! and uh, the credits being in English. Which I can appreciate. Seeing as I can only read and speak English :’D

Then we have the Japanese OP, which is… really, it’s a gem. Best Anime OP 2014.  Viva Namida is one of the catchiest songs, like, EVER. And the animation done specifically for this opening sequence is beautiful.  Who doesn’t get a little hot under the collar watching that silhouette of Dandy dance and take his clothes off?  It’s a beautiful OP. However… as an American, who watches this show every week in English on network television… I feel like it’s getting a little old. I can’t read Japanese, so I can’t take in the credits as they’re given. So it’s basically like watching a 1 and a half minute music video while I sit on pins and needles waiting for the goddamn episode to start!

As for why it was changed, fans demanded it, and Toonami complied, which I think was a smart move. It’s a beautiful OP and I think more anime shown on American TV should embrace elements of the original Japanese.

But yeah. I like both!! But what I can say with total conviction is that I HATE the US ending credits. Just a bunch of random scenes cut together put to Star Future? Fuck dat ish. I hate it :3


Today’s sketches


Back in August I had the opportunity to work on Season two, episode 3 of Space Dandy. It came out recently and I’m seeing the final cleaned up and colored cuts for the first time!

Here are screenshots of the cuts that I did layout and key animation for. Pretty simple cuts, but I was honored to work with Yuasa and Science Saru in general on this project… I want to thank them for their patience with my difficulty with the timing sheets as well as all the effort they went through to translate back and forth and work with foreign animators.

I wish my Japanese was better, but I hope i can work on more anime in the future! Even if it was very stressful!!!!!!!!!! How intimidating is was was well to have my work judged and corrected by Yuasa himself… but I learned a lot for sure.

I think i missed a one cuts, i did 11 total but if i missed any they were low key… The rest of the episode looks soooo good too everyone is so talented


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